Sunday, 10 February 2013

Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream - REVIEW

A long time ago I tired the LuView Whitening Capsule BB Cream and hated it. My skin type is dry and I know that it is my fault that I did not notice that this BB cream is targeted for people with oily skin. But when I tired this it highlighted how dry my face was and trust me that's not something you want to highlight. Anyway, it just seemed to drown in my collection of BB creams, until this summer when I wanted to try something 'new'. 
Amount: 34g
Made in: Korea
Price: $22.80
 Product Info Natural and luminous skin from micro capsule containing aloe extracts
 Product Instruction: At the final stage of the skin care, take appropriate amount and apply for lightly with fingers . Makeup base and foundation are not required to use separately.

"Light is not only reflected on the surface but it is also naturally re-emitted from deep within the skin.Aloe ingredients keeps surface radiant by absorbing excessive sebum and skin's inner moisturizing" 

 This BB cream claims to have whitening properties, sebum control and provide moisture. These are basic claims that nearly all BB cream claim to do. What you might find surprising is that this BB cream does not contain any SPF and also it is talc free. 

The packaging is very elegant looking, it's a pump bottle with a twist lock cap. This is very travel friendly, I prefer pump bottles for everything not only because it is travel friendly but also because it is much more hygienic.     
When first pumped out the BB cream is white with tiny capsules that burst and blend into your skin tone. You get a better blend if you use your hands, rather than a brush to apply this. I tested both out and the brush seemed to be absorbing a lot of the product. 

This photo shows how the BB cream blends into my skin. I tested this on my mother, who has is a bit darker than me and it blended in finely into her skin tone. I also tested it on my sister in law, who is about 3 shades darker than me, and it blended in nicely too. But I guessing this BB cream is targeted towards fair to light skintones.

The reason why I changed my mind about this BB cream was the fact that, when I first used this was during winter and that was why I hated it. Because it highlighted how dry my skin was. But when I tired this again during summer, I loved how it dried to a semi-matte finish and made my face look really radiant. I did not have to apply finishing powder on top of it. It is has a light coverage but you can build it up       

Recommend? Yes, while I do have dry skin and I liked it, you might not. So I would recommend this to those with oily skin.

Repurchase? No, because I love trying out new BB creams.


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