Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Chosungah Luna Petit Peach

Chosungah Luna is a makeup brand by the famous Korean makeup artist Cho Sung Ah, she also has a skincare line Chosungah Raw and another makeup/skincare line Chosungah 22. Chosungah Luna is not very well known if you live outside of Korea. I first heard about the Chosungah Raw line and even brought some items, and while browsing G-market I found that she has this Chosungah Luna.

Chosungah Luna has a few different collections like the Classy, Lucid Look, Royal Marine and Petit Peach range, which is the one that I have. The collection consists of eight items, photo fitting layer, blending foundation, up lifting, blending cheek, micro blur powder,face liner, two tone volume mascara, blur tint and balm

I brought this set from G-market, the seller had the whole set plus an extra set of the blending foundation, up lighting and blending cheek as a bonus. Sadly there is none left on sale, but you can still buy the products separately on G-market. I will be reviewing these three products soon.


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