Sunday, 10 February 2013

Vichy LiftActive Night Cream - REVIEW

I have been hearing lots of good reviews about the Vichy line and decided to try it out and see if all the good reviews are really true. It must have been luck because I happened to stumble upon which were having a 33% off all French pharmacy brands and Vichy was one of them. The sale was ending soon so I had to be quick, one of the items I brought was the Vichy LiftActiv Night Cream.

Amount: 50mL
Made in: France
Price: £28.00 ($42.00 AUD)
 Product Info: Skin looks immediately firmer and deep wrinkles appear visibly smoother. Proven efficacy on the appearance of wrinkles, on the forehead, crow's feet and neck. 
 Product Instruction: On cleansed skin, apply LiftActiv Day in the evening to the face and neck. Smooth on gently until thoroughly absorbed. 

Vichy LiftActiv Night is an anti-aging cream that is backed by 10 years of research and 7 international patents. The star ingredient is Rhamonse, which is a naturally derived plant sugar extract that helps to regenerate youthful characteristics of the skin. For the first time Rhamnose, an anti-aging ingredient concentrated at 5%, helps to stimulate activity in the derm-source, boosting the natural processes of the skin.

While I don't have any wrinkles to worry about just yet, I believe in prevention rather than treatment. Because it would be better to slow down the aging process rather than try and reverse it once it happens. Which is why I like to use anti-aging cream and serums. I can get away with it because anti-aging products tend to be very thick in texture and very oily, which my skin just sucks up right away because it's very dry. 

I used it for about a week and I was really impressed with the results, my skin felt a lot more plump and very radiant. I have been using it for about one and half month and I love it. I love it for it's plumping effect and how soft and smooth my face feels. 

The cream's texture is very thick, but once you spread it around it is quickly absorbed into the skin. There is no sticky residue left behind, which most night creams have, it has a nice light citrus scent.

Recommend? Yes, to those with mature skin or very dry skin types.

Repurchase? Yes, but not right now.


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