Sunday, 10 February 2013

E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip - REVIEW

I really love adding a hint of shimmer to my face. So while shopping at the E.L.F website when I thought I should give them a go since I have read so much good things about them.
Left to Right: Spotlight, Camilia, Pink Lemonade, Golden Peach 
Amount: 9.65mL

Made in: China

Price: $1.00

Product Info a multipurpose, on-the-go whipped highlighter packed with 
Vitamin E to instantly brighten and soothe skin with no greasy after-feel.
 Product Instruction: Use on your cheeks, lips, eyelids or anywhere you would like a radiant pop of shimmering color.
These come in 8 different colours, they cost a mere $1.00, have a light sugar orange scent and are really great. I LOVE them. I got them in four colours, because at the time E.L.F were having a 50% off everything so most of them were sold out. I managed to pick five but while I was checking out one of them was sold out so I had to remove it. I picked Spotlight, Camilia, Pink Lemonade and Golden Peach. 
Left to Right: Spotlight, Camilia, Pink Lemonade, Golden Peach.

The Spotlight shade is really watery I even shook it but nothing happened. I think the formula must have separated and I got a bad one because no one seemed to get that. It so crazy but since I opened it it has just been getting much more watery to the point where I just get a water/oil mix. Next up, another failure the Camilia colour is not supposed to be like that, I looks like it's all marbled and so silvery. I also got Pink Lemonade, which won the Allura Best of Beauty Editors Award, this one thankfully was a good one. Lastly, Golden Peach I normally don't lean towards golden colours but I thought I should try it out.   

 From left to right
Spotlight - White with silver shimmer. A great highlight colour.
Camilia - Because of the defect of this product, once it is blended it looks very streaky and very silvery and unflattering. If it wasn't for the defect it would make a nice blusher or a base for blush.
Pink Lemonade - A very pretty girly pink with silver shimmer. A cute pink blush or you can even use it as a base for blush.
Golden Peach - A light peach with gold shimmer. Again you can use it as a blusher or a base for blush.
Left to Right: Spotlight, Camilia, Pink Lemonade, Golden Peach
Overall, these are worth the $1.00, or the $0.50 that I paid for them, I was disappointed with Spotlight and Camilia for $1.00 you can mange to let go. The packaging is quite nice they come is small squeeze tubes with a small nozzle so you can easily control how much products you want. They really are multipurpose, I have used them as a highlighter, blusher, base for blush and even as a hint of shimmer on the eyes. I thought that these were going to be filled with glitter chunks but they are really fine shimmers that make your face have a healthy glow to it. 

Recommend? Yes, for $1.00 you really can't go wrong. Plus if you keep an eye out they always have sales of 50% or more.

Repurchase? Yes, I want to try out more colours.


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