Thursday, 7 March 2013

REVIEW - Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick

Who loves lipstick? I do, very much. Who love lip balms? me me, I do. I love a pop of colour on my lips but most lipsticks can be a bit to drying for me. As for lip balms, I have a huge collection because I just love how they keep my lips so soft and smooth. Girls used to apply lip balm underneath their lipsticks in order to keep their lips soft all day long. Well now we don't need to that because hybrid lipsticks have been all the rage lately. With Revlon setting the world crazy with their Lip Butters and then L'oreal hit back with their Colour Riche Balms, so it's only acceptable the Maybelline come out with their take on this trend. My only question is why did it take them so long?? Introducing Maybelline's Color Whispers the new guys in they the hybrid arena.
"Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel. No heavy waxes or oils. Soft, sexy gel-color."

I loved my Lip Butters so much that when I first heard about these I just knew they would be right up my ally. I got these from Ulta for $7.49 and they were on a buy one get half off sale, I used to forward them to me. Just like the Revlon Lip Butters these also come in 20 shades, so there is bound to be one that will catch your fancy. The shades range from nudes to plums and some colours are more pigmented than others. I ordered six shades but it turned out that they had sent me two of the same shade *sad face*.

The packaging is really cute, the caps are tinted to the lipsticks shade. They are also slimmer than the Revlon Lip Butters. They also have a pleasant fruity scent but is does not linger, so that is a good point.        

L-R: Cherry on Top, Pink Possibilities, Faint for Fuchsia, Rose of Attraction, A Plum Prospect 
Time for swatches...
Cherry on Top
Cherries are red and this shade is a very girly pink. This is a really great everyday kinda lipstick. It's a cream with no shimmers just how I like my lipsticks to be.

Pink Possibilities
A cream mid-toned pink that is a my lips but better shade. This is shade is more suited to pale lips.

Faint for Fuchsia
 A cream pale pink and while most pale pinks make me look like a p$#% star, this one is very sheer and wearable.

Rose of Attraction
 A mid-rosy pink with the slightest shimmer particles. It's also the applies very sheer, much more than the other one but can be built up.

A Plum Prospect
The darkest shade in the collection. A pinky-plum that looks very scary in the tube but applies very nicely.

The staying power is not great I can go for two-three hours without eating but if you do have luch or dinner you will need to touch up. The big question are they similar to the Revlon Lip Butters, to me they are not very comparably. The Revlon Lip Butters are much more pigmented than the Maybelline Color Whispers. I think that they are much more closer to the L'oreal Colour Riche Balms, in terms of texture and pigmentation. Saying that I still like my Maybelline Whispers and I have been reaching for them a lot more than my Lip Butters. But that's just because I really love sheer, no fuss and easy to apply lip products.

Recommend? Yes, these are great for those who are just starting out with lipsticks or want a sheer wearable lipstick.

Repurchase? I would but they are not out in Australia yet. 


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