Thursday, 3 January 2013

Revlon ColorStay Lip Butter - REVIEW

Happy New Year everyone.
Revlon Lip Butters have been a big hit all over YouTube and the blogging world. While they have been around for ages I just jumped on the bandwagon. While they may be cheap in America the price here is just ridiculous for a drugstore lipstick. I did think of buying some from All Cosmetic Wholesale but they shipping was just mad, so while shopping through HopShopGo I decided to buy them from Walgreen's.  They were on a buy one get 50% off, so a great deal.

I must say that when they arrived looking like this was really pleased, because I know that no has opened them. I have heard that in America drugstore make do not have testers, and that people open them to see the colour. So to get them all sealed like this is a big thumbs up from me. 
Left to Right: Candy Apple, Sugar Plum, Raspberry Pie, Berry Smoothie, Lollipop

Amount: 2.55g 
Made in: U.S.A
Price: $6.39 USA, $21.95 Australia
Purchase: Walgreen's/Drugstore in America. Priceline in Australia. 
 Product Info: Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, 
healthy glowing lips. Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter 
formula boosts lip moisture by 156%. Pampering gel formula
 provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery
 smooth. Sheer to medium color with butter shine. 
You would have all heard that these little babies are a lipstick and lip balm mixed into one, so you get the amazing colour of a lipstick but without the drying out you lips. Now I have tried loads of lipstick and almost of them leave my lips feeling dryer and I try not to wear lipstick all of the time. Also I don't like bold lips, with lipsticks I apply the tiniest amount on my lips just for a hit of colour. Packaging wise these are really cute with the cap resembling the shade of the lip butter. They also have a hand see through window at the top of the cap so you can stack them up and still see what colour you want to wear.
These lip butters do the trick for me as they are not very opaque, well some of them are but it's not that crazy. They do feel very moisturizing on the lips but they also tend to slip and slide a lot also. They don't last a long time either and when you drink or eat by the end of it they are non existent. So if you are going out you should take your lip butter with you as you will need to reapply. I also found that since the formula is so buttery soft the  lip butter tend to chip at the tip. So apply with a light hand. I bought five lip butters and they have amazed me so much that I will be getting more.
I have swatched them for you guys so enjoy.
Bear Lips

Raspberry Pie
A very berry colour with no sparkle its very opaque, but you can easily control how much colour you would like to apply. For me this would be how much I would go for but you can go deeper.
Candy Apple
A cool toned red that really complements my skin colour. I like red lips but I feel like they are so formal and not something I can wear everyday, but this red is just right for me. You can apply more for a more opaque colour. 
Sugar Plum 
 This colour really scared me in the tube because it looked really dark, however it was really light and no matter how much you apply it won't be opaque. This lip butter has absolutely no sparkle. So for me this is a really great colour for a no fuss day.
Berry Smoothie
 A light purple pink colour with slight sparkle. It's on the light coverage so really great for everyday lips. For me it's a my lips but better.
 A hot cool toned pink colour with sparkle, the brightest in my little collection. It's very opaque and I think the camera toned down the colour of this. Again a colour that you can easily control how much colour you want. 
Overall, I really like these lip sticks, but I would just never purchase them for $21.95, which is what they cost is Australia ridiculously crazy for a drugstore lip stick. I have seem them go on sale for buy one get one 50% off, but I still think that's a rip off considering they only cost $7.99 in America and I even managed to get them at $6.39 buy one get one 50% off. Even with shipping they were still considerably cheaper than what they cost here.
Recommend? Yes, these are just great for a no fuss lip.
Repurchase? Absolutely, I loved them. 


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