Saturday, 19 January 2013

Make Up Academy - HAUL

A while ago MUA had a 35% off sale with free international shipping. The whole line is already affordable but, come on who doesn't love a sale. However, there were some difficulties with the site while they were having this sale. The whole site crashed and then it closed down, a few days later MUA posted on their Facebook page that they will be extending the sale and told everyone to not go onto the site just yet so that they can  get it fixed.

Thankful they got it fixed and everything was still in stock, while the site was still slow I managed to grab the two eyeshadow pallets that everyone on YouTube was talking about, Undressed and Heaven & Earth. I have also heard great things about their single eye-shadows so I got some too. I quickly checked out. I then got an e-mail confirming my order was successful. I knew that Great Britain has slow shipping, so I wasn't expecting it to come within 20 days.

 But what I didn't expect was that it took nearly 3 months, yes you read right 3 months. I was half expecting it to never show up, during that time I had e-mailed MUA and they kept on telling me to wait one more week. But it never showed but, my last e-mail to them was last week when I told them them if I did not receive my order with one week I want a full refund. Fortunately it came on Friday.

It came in a really big envelope, with very little padding, I opened it quickly thinking that something must have shattered. Thankfully nothing was. I'm really unhappy with the packing and the deliver time, but I also think that the holiday season also played a roll in that. Oh well. I did quickly swatch them and I'm really impressed with the quality. I will be doing reviews and swatches so look out for that very soon.      

           ** MUA are trying to reach 50K Likes on Facebook and they will be having a 50% off and free shipping. **

So it would be a good time to try out more things.   


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