Saturday, 26 January 2013

Etude House Vitamin C O2 White - REVIEW

"Whitening" skincare is all the rage in Asia, and it seems that all brands have a "whitening" skincare line. I know that most westerns love the idea of tanning but it's just not for me. When I buy "whitening" skincare, I'm noting wanting to lighten my face, but more to brighten it. For experience most whitening skincare doesn't work or if they do it's not major or long term. Which is why I think they should be looked at for their brightening effect rather than their whitening. 

A long time ago I brought this kit from Etude House, during a 30% off sale on G-market, but I seemed to have forgotten about it. Until recently when I opened a box of my unused skincare products and found it.       

Amount: First Serum 0.1g + 1mL x 12 capsules 
Double Tone-Up Serum 30mL 
Made in: Korea
Price: 18,500 won, ($17.50 AUS)
Purchase: G-Market
 Product Info: Supplies O2 and Vitamin C to brighten, clarify and detoxify skin tone. Concentrated whitening serum replenishes complexion moisture and vitality.
 Product Instruction: Apply the capsules right after cleansing the face. Apply serum after toner. 

This kit contains two products that work together to help brighten, clarify and detoxify the skin. 
Step one is a First Serum, which is supposed to be applied right after cleansing the face. It comes in a powder form, because Vitamin C is very unstable. You take one capsule and squeeze the liquid into the powder and give it a good shake. You then remove the cover and apply it to the face in gently  massaging it. 

Step two is a Double Tone-Up Serum, that you apply either after the first serum or  after toner. This serum helps to lighten sun spots and old blemish scars. 

The kit contains only 12 first serum capsules, you are supposed to use them consistently, which would last you for 12 days only. I found that the powder formula was not milled finely because when I squeezed the liquid and shook it, there would be a chunk of powder that has not dissolved. Once the contents are mixed the serum is very watery, which makes it easily absorbed without leaving any stick residue on the face. I was using this for three days when I started to notice that I had tiny little bumps just on my forehead, I don't know if it was the capsules or the hot temperature (over 40 degrees) that we got in Sydney. I continued with the kit anyways and after a few days the bumps cleared up. I'm still not sure what caused that because I have never gotten anything like that before. 

I used this kit during my night skincare routine only, because anything that contains whitening properties I like to use them at night only. During that 12 days that I used the first serum capsules I noticed a difference. I would wake up to a much more radiant, glowing skin. My face was really bright and I loved that because during summer I tend to get more 'yellow' looking if that even makes sense. To put it simply I tend to always look like I'm sick. 

 The Double Tone-Up Serum is a milky white serum with a soft citrus scent. It is absorbed quickly without leaving any sticky residue on the skin. I use about three pumps and that is enough to cover my face and neck area. While I did see a difference with the first serum capsules, I however have not noticed any difference with this. I don't have and old blemish scars (knock on wood), but  I do have a few freckles on my nose and this has done nothing to help lighten them. It doesn't matter because I wasn't expecting it to do so, because I have tired medical creams and it hasn't worked on them either. 

Overall this was decent kit that I did see some difference, even if it was for 12 days only. I enjoyed using the first serum capsules much more than the double tone-up serum. 

Recommend? Yes, a good and quick pick me up product.

Repurchase? Maybe.


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