Friday, 25 January 2013

SK-II Skin Signature Cream - REVIEW

Being a full time student with a part-time job, it's really hard to just walk up to a high end makeup/skincare counter and just buy what you need. This becomes even harder if you live in Australia, for some reason the prices are just insanely more expensive. Which is why I love shopping online the prices are better and I don't have to deal with pushy assistants, and long queues. Which brings me to how I came to buy one of the most expensive face creams that I have ever brought.

Which is why when a good deal comes along it's very hard for me to say no. I could never have paid full price for this cream, but when were having a sale I couldn't pass it up. were selling a $30 off coupon for $3, all you had to do was spend over $100. I think I brought 3 or 4 during the time.

I have been wanting to try out some SK-II products, especially since their Facial Treatment Essence (Miracle Water) is a 'holy grail' for some many people and celebrities. Sadly at the time it was out of stock on, but I did buy some other skincare products from the line. The one that I will be reviewing today is the SK-II Skin Signature Cream.

Amount: 80mL
Made in: Japan
Price: $120
 Product Info: This moisturiser helps strengthen Skin Power to give
 your skin total beauty through a balance of firmness, smoothness and radiance.
 Product Instruction: Apply twice a day. Smooth onto face and neck using spiral movement till thoroughly absorbed.

After applying the $30 coupon the price was $90, with free shipping now that was a really good deal. This normally costs over $200 in Australia! I was sent the Japanese version so everything other than the name was written in Japanese. Not a major problem because the SK-II website has all the information. It came in a plastic jar which I wasn't all that pleased with because it just doesn't feel right to spend a whooping amount on a product and having it come in plastic, Oh well. It come with a little plastic spatula so it can be more hygienic,

The texture of the cream is really light, so light that I thought i wasn't going to be moisturizing enough for my dry skin. Surprisingly, it provided a good amount of moisture without feeling so thick on the face. It melts into the skin super fast and I can feel a tiny tingling sensation, but it's nothing major. I used this during the end of winter and throughout spring and summer. It has lasted me about 8 months because you really don't need a larger amount to get the moisturizing effect. During winter I used it as my day moisturizer only, because I wanted something a bit more thicker in texture at night. But in spring and summer I used this in the morning and night.

Now does it do what it claims, "help you look 4 years younger in just one month". I cannot say anything about that because I don't have and wrinkles on my face, besides a few fine lines around my eyes. But during the time I was using this my face looked radiant, plump and softer to the touch. While I really do love this cream, I think that since the texture is so light that they could have placed in a pump bottle. It would have been much more hygienic to use considering it contains 80mL and lasts for such a long time. Other than that and the price of this cream, I really love it.

Recommend? Yes

Repurchase? Yes, but not any time soon because of it's price.



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