Saturday, 19 January 2013

E.L.F Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow - REVIEW

I have a review and swatches for you guys about the E.L.F Eye Enhancing Eyeshadows. They are designed for different eye colours, so they come in blue eyes, brown eyes and hazel/green eyes. While shopping at E.L.F, I picked up a three, one from each eye collection.  They come in a sturdy plastic case with a decent sized mirror. They cost $6.00 each, but I got them during a 50% off sale.
 I have to say that I'm not too pleased with them, they do not have good pigmentation and they do not blend the best. I would recommend the single eye shadows from E.L.F to these. I have swatched them below, I used the Etude House Eye Primer.
Blue Eyes 2
This is a really good pallet to take you from day to night. From left to right:
1- a navy with huge blue glitter, without eye primer the pigmentation is bad, but with primer it pops.
2- a pearly sea foam blue, soft good pigmentation, minimal fallout.
3- pearly light grey, very soft bad pigmentation without primer, massive fallout.
4- pearly cream very soft good pigmentation, massive fallout.
5- pearly gold. soft, great pigmentation, massive fallout.
6- pearly rose gold, great pigmentation, minimal fallout.

Brown Eyes 2
From left to right:
1- pearly chocolaty brown, it's very smooth to the touch, good payoff, no fallout.
2- a purplish taupe with chunks of green glitter that does not stay put. Good payoff, with minimal fallout.
3- frosty peach, OK pigmentation, minimal fallout.
4- matte cream, very chalky, bad pigmentation.
5- matte lavender with chunks of gold and blue glitter that do not stay. It's very chalky, bad pigmentation.
6-  matte plum, very chalky, bad pigmentation, minimal fallout.
Hazel/Green Eyes 2

From left to right.
1- a green/grey with chunks of gold, blue and green glitter that do not stay put. Very dry to the touch but once you layer it, its not that bad. 
2- a pearly green olive, very soft and good pigmentation once it is built up.
3- a pearly taupe, great pigmentation, very soft but has massive fallout.
4- a pearl white good pigmentation but massive fallout.
5- a duo chrome matte pink, pigmented but tend to create loads of fallout.
6- a pearly plum with chunky gold glitter, very dry, OK pigmentation.

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