Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Berrisom Total 8-in-1 Perfector Eye Cream - REVIEW

While reading a fellow bloggers G-market haul, I was in the process of ordering from G-market. So I read that this eye cream came with a full sized serum from the same line so I added it to the cart and checked out. I have had it in my new, unused products box for quite a while, during winter I finished my eye cream and decided to open this one.
Amount: 30mL
Made in: Korea
Price: 38 000 Won
Purchase: G-market Product Info: 8-in-1 multi eye cream provides solutions for wrinkles, 
dark circles, loss of elasticity, dryness and more. 
 Product Instruction: After using toner apply to eye and/or lip 
area and to other desired areas.
At the time that I brought this it was a really popular product because right after I checked out. A few days later it was out of stock. The G-market seller had a great deal going on, buy the eye cream and get a free full sized (30mL) peptide serum. So lets get on with the review. When I first tired this during the winter time, I was really disappointed with it I have very dry skin and this was just not enough moisture for me. So I put it aside and used a new eye cream, I generally don't like opening more than I need when it comes to skin care products. Because everyone knows that with most products you need to finish it before six months. 
After finishing the eye cream I was using I noticed this in my skincare basket and since its summer time, I decided to give it another go. So this eye cream is basically an all in one product. 
It claims to help with anti-wrinkle whitening hydrating firming eye brightening
                                   under-eye lift soothing anti-oxidizing
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that these claims seem to overlap one another and just seems like they thought 'Oh we will just list all of the eye area concerns that most women suffer from in one cream'. But do these claims really work, which ones do and which don't.
Let's start with the texture it's a mixture between a cream and a gel, but I feel like it a bit creamy but not very much. This texture makes the eye cream very fast absorbing and it leaves no residue behind. You can apply concealer safely with this cream without having to worry that it will slip and slide. Next is the scent, I can detect a very faint, but pleasant fragrance. It does not linger but I know that some people do not like there eye cream to have any scent.  

Now which claims are true, I have been using this for past one month during my morning skincare routine. I apply this during the day because it is just not moisturizing enough for the night time. Even through I apply this during the day time I still like to use another eye cream on top on it because like I said I have really dry skin. So for me this acts like a eye serum, and because  of it's light texture it layers with other products very nicely.  
Does it help with anti-wrinkle, no I have a few fine lines around my eyes and this cream did nothing for them. Does is whiten/brighten/anti-oxidizing the eye area, I do notice a slightly brightening effect when I use this, but only a little. Does it hydrate, yes but not as much as like it my eye cream to. Does it lift/firm the under eye area, not at all.  I'm very disappointed with this product, for me spending roughly $35 on an eye cream I expect it to do a lot more than just brighten and slightly hydrating. 
Recommend? I don't think it's even good for people with oilier skin, because the eye area does not produce it's own oils so even people with oily skin need a good moisturizing eye cream. 

Repurchase? No, I think there are loads more eye cream with in that price range that would provide better results than this one. 


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