Sunday, 6 October 2013

Monthly Empties - September

September has been a mad rush for me, I was busy with uni and work. Plus, I got really sick :( Anyway, lets see what is in my empties tray.
Lux Super Damage Repair Conditioner - 450g
This is a Japanese brand that I bought from SaSa a while ago. It's a pale yellow colour and has a really pleasant scent. The texture is a bit runny and while it claims to be for damaged hair, it did not provide enough moisture. It did not weigh down my hair with it really nice.
Repurchase? No, just because I have another Lux set that I want to use up.

Shiseido Aquair Deep Moist Extra Treatment - 220g
This took me a long time to finish because it's supposed to be a mask and I'm usually in a rush and mostly forget to use it. But for the past two months I have been using this and OMG, I love it. It makes my hair so hydrated that I don;t have to worry about the frizzies.
Repurchase? Yes, but I don't know where to purchase this anymore.

Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Treatment - 236ml
I ordered this from Walgreens after hearing so many good things about it. First up, the packaging is great no need to fiddle with caps and lips while in the shower, just squeeze the bottle. The scent is to die for, it smells of coconuts but fresher and when I get out of the shower my hair smells amazing. I was expecting it to be much more hydrating than what it was, but that's just me.
Repurchase? Already have, why do we not have this in Australia??

GHD Heat Protect Spray - 120ml
I got this on sale from Beauty Bay last year and all I can say is that it does what it say. Plus it has a really nice scent. Also I like the way it sprays because the droplets are small and I just like that.
Repurchase? Already have two back ups.
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - 1 Litre
I used this up with my mum and we both loved it. This is one of the reasons why my skin didn't get so dry this winter. I love have gentle it is on the skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Repurchase? Yes.

Bath and Body Works Charmed Life Shimmer gel and body lotion - 198ml
My uncle's wife sent this for me and some other things from America. It's pretty nifty for a body lotion, one half is shimmer gel and the other half is lotion. The top is a dial and you can control the amount of shimmer and lotion. I liked the scent but I'm not that crazy about shimmer in body lotions, seems a bit too childish. Also halfway through the pump stopped working and I had to transfer it into another jar.
Repurchase? No, mostly because of the shimmer but I did like the scent.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter - 300ml
The Body Shop body butters are the bomb, they really are. This lasted me for three whole months because you only need a bit. You instantly get softer, smoother skin. Plus the scent is oh so lovely.
Repurchase?  Yes.

Bath and Body Works Cashmere Glow Triple Moisture Body Cream - 226g
This is actually my mum's but I 'burrowed' it from her. The scent is like nothing I have every smelt before and it's only available during the winter. It's moisturizing but not like the Body Shop butters.
Repurchase? Yes, but it's available here.
Sally Hansen Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover - 150ml
I bought an acetone free remover because I heard that it was better for the nails and it's true my nails are not so dry after. But it takes much longer to remove. When using glitter nail polish I recommend to use acetone because this took so long and I had to use more.
Repurchase? Yes, because I did like it.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Mask - 120g
When ever I have a 15 minutes to spare I love to use clay masks because it's just so relaxing. This one claims to purify and tighten pores and honestly I have no idea if it works, but the reason I love it is because after washing it my face is so silky smooth and soft. It's amazing for that.
Repurchase? Yes, if its ever on sale again.

Berrisom Peptide Serum - 30ml
This was a gift with purchase and I really don't care for it. Claims to be anti-againg and it did nothing at all.
Repurchase? No.

Etude House Pink Pong Collagen Water - 330ml
Yes it's water from Etude House, crazy I know. It smells and tastes just like peach but I don't enjoy it mostly because you see it clear in colour and just assume that its water. I have drank three already and I have still not noticed anything different with my skin.
Repurchase? No.


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