Wednesday, 9 October 2013

HopShopGo Haul #3

I don't know about you but I just seem to wanna buy a product more if it's not available where I live. Which is why, which is a forwarding company, has became my latest obsession. This is my third time shopping with them and this time I didn't go that crazy. 

My first order was from Walgreens, they had a huge sale on all personal care products plus a 25% off code. They also offer free shipping when you spend over $25 also I had $10 worth of points from my previous orders. So what I'm trying to say is that I didn't pay a lot for these. I brought some Mitchum Power Gel deodorants. I brought a two in my first order and I have loved it so much that I had to buy some for my mum and sister too. I also saw that they had the Wet n' Wild trio eyeshadows for just $1.70 so I had to buy them. I forgot to photograph these but, I brought three Chi hair products, a got2b hair cream and two packets of Twizzlers.
Next up was Bath and Body Works, if I had a BBW store close to me I would be broke. This time I only purchased candles, because I have still not finished the body creams I brought from my first order. These were the summer scents and they were on sale for under $10 and they had free shipping and 25% off. But sadly I did't get to enjoy them, because I asked for HopShopGo to repack my packages into one box and they failed to add any fragile labels on the box. So they were all broken.
Moving on, I placed another order from ELF because they were having 50% off the studio line. I mainly wanted to try the HD blushes, and somehow I ended up buying more brushes.
I'm really devastated, because I had to pay $15 for the repackage service and I totally did not expect them to arrive broken and useless. I have already e-mailed HopShopGo and they are investigating the claim. I will keep you updated on what will happen. 

*UPDATE* I was asked to contact FedEx and asked them for the refund, so I did, they told me that since the sender failed to stick the fragile sticker on the box, it was not FedEx's problem. So, I contacted HopShopGo again and they had me filling all this paper work which I did. I was asked to wait 7-9 days, I waited for 15 days and when I didn't hear anything from them. I contacted them I again and they agreed to refund me the cost of the candles only, without the shipping. I told them that I should be refunded the cost of the shipping for the candles also because it was their fault for not packaging it right. Finally, they agreed to refund me the shipping cost for the candles also.  

Overall, I quite disappointed with HopShopGo this time and I might not place another order with them any time soon. 



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