Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Methode Swiss Thermal Hydrating Toner

Taking care of your skin can become a really expensive thing. But that does not mean we have to spend $$$$ to keep our face and body young and youthful???
Some of the great benefits of online shopping is the sales and discounts on skincare. I have said this before and I will say it again living in Australia mean that skincare and beauty products are extremely overpriced. So when I get an e-mail from one of my favorite sites SaSa, about an amazing deal I just can't help myself.  

If you shop at SaSa you would have noticed that they tend to have mini sales or special deals that only last for a few hours. Some items are 80% off and they almost always have a free shipping deal going on. I buy most of my skincare during these deals and this Methode Swiss toner was purchased during one of these deals.

This brand is not very well known outside of SaSa.com, but they are a great brand and made in Switzerland. The brand is on the more pricey side but when they are on special, it's the best time to try the brand out. This toner is 400ml and usually costs $51.00, but I brought it for just $8.80! Yes you read right just $8.80.
Methode Swiss describes this Thermal Hydrating Toner as 'a soothing toner that promotes the recovery of skin's hydrolipidic balance during cleansing. It also primes skin to achieve the maximum results from the skincare that follows'. When I read this I immediately thought that it was nothing special, just another toner that is meant to further cleanses the skin and is loaded with alcohol. To my surprise it does not smell like alcohol at all, it actually smells like rose water. 

They suggest applying this with a cotton pad right after you cleanse your face. I use this method during my night routine but during my morning routine I just use a few drops on my palms and pat it into my face. I'm really surprised at how moisturizing it is, for a product that is very liquidy it actually makes a difference to how moisturized my face feels.

I know that this 'extra' step of using a cleansing toner is not very popular right now, but I have enjoyed adding this to my skincare routine. It's not necessary to use at all, if you are cleansing your skin thoroughly.

Recommend? Yes, but only if you can find on sale for a really good price.


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