Saturday, 12 October 2013

Tarazz Haul

My dream shopping site has to Sephora, sadly they don't have any stores in Australia and they don't ship to here either. So when I first saw a site that allowed Aussie buyers to order from Sephora and other leading US sites. I will, admit I thought it was a scam, and when I googled for reviews about the site I didn't find a lot of reviews. So I didn't want to risk it, but when they had a deal for $10 shipping if you ordered from Sephora, through their site, I thought why not.

Since I have been on a nail polish craze right now I only ordered that. I really wanted to buy more make up and skincare products, but since they were converting the money into Australian dollars they seemed a tad bit too expensive, plus I didn't have a lot of money in my bank account at the time. It's at time like that, that I wish I had a credit card.

The Sephora by OPI were been discontinued so they were heavily discounted, so I brought a few bottles. I have still not managed to use any on the nail polishes yet because I have been so busy with uni and work.
I also bought two Hello Kitty nail polishes and a Hello Kitty bag that had a mirror, nail clipper and two other nail polishes. However, one of the nail polishes arrived completely dry, so I contacted Tarazz and they contacted Sephora, I was then given a full refund. 

Overall, I really had a pleasant time shopping with Tarazz, the staff were very friendly and when I e-mailed my questions I quickly received a reply. The shipping did take a long time, almost a month, but I'm not complaining because it only cost $10.

When the package arrived I was surprised at how well the nail polish bottles were packaged. They were wrapped in bubble wrap and nothing arrived broken or damaged. Well done Tarazz! I would repurchase from the site again, but I might just wait and see if they do the $10 shipping deal again.


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