Thursday, 31 October 2013

Evening Skincare Routine

Today, I thought I should do a blog post on one of my favorite posts that I enjoy reading, which are skincare routines. I love reading about new products and how they work for other people. As you may already know, I love trying out different brands of skincare products. I have still not found my all time holy grails, the reason why is because I just tend to get wanna try something new. I have split my skincare routines into a morning and evening posts. Let's start with the evening one first.

I start with with taking off my eye makeup, I mostly wear mascara and for that I use the Color Combos Hydrating Makeup Remover. It's the oil and water type that you have to shake before using, it's crap don't buy it. I have to fold the cotton pad for almost five minutes on each eye and it would still not do the job, and if I was wearing a waterproof mascara it would do nothing.

On days where I have used a primer and waterproof suncream I use Neogence clarifying and hydrating makeup removing oil, this does a great job at deep cleaning my skin. I do have to follow it with a foaming cleanser to remove the slight oily residue that it leaves. For that I use Kose airy whip, it's a foam cleanser and when I press the pump I get a massive dense amount of foam. I use this with my Clarisonic, it does leave my skin feeling a little bit tight after. For days when I'm not wearing that much makeup I skip the cleansing oil and foam, and use my Naruko oil out tea tree oil acne clay cleansing, this can be used as a mask or cleanser. I tend to apply it all over my face just like a mask, wait for three-five minutes and then cleanse.
I then apply my Skin Peptoxyle natural alpha-hydroxy acid, if you read Caroline's blog you would know how much she talks about using alpha-hydroxy acid. When I first used this it did tingle just a tiny bit but now my skin doesn't feel it anymore. Since I have been using this I feel like my skin have become a lot more smoother and I don't get these tiny bumps near my mouth area anymore. Next, I use Naruko narcissus total defense moisturizing night dew, which is a lotion. This line was the first skincare line that I used, I love the scent it's so relaxing plus it leaves my skin very moisturized. I then use the It's Skin WH Effector serum, which is supposed to be a whitening serum but I have still not noticed any difference at all. I then apply the Naruko narcissus total defense night brightening serum, this is not like most serum which are very liquidy, it's very thick and slightly sticky in texture. I do enjoy using it because of the soothing scent and the fact that I wake up with a brighter looking face.

I then follow it with the  Naruko narcissus total defense night repair, which is a very thick emulsion. This also has the same soothing scent and is very moisturizing. One of the reasons why I love this line is because it's very fuss free and it's moisturizing for my dry skin but doesn't leave my face looking or feeling greasy. The Shiseido benefiance concentrated anti-wrinkle eye cream, a very thick eye cream. It keeps my eye area very moisturized, plus I also noticed a small difference in the disappearance of my fine lines. To keep my face well moisturized and taken care of during the night I use the Naruko narcissus total defense repair cream, I haven't tired this before but I'm enjoying it very much. I then like to seal everything off with a layer of the Naruko Magnolia brightening and firming night gellies. The smaller one if for the eye area and the bigger jar is for the whole face. These area the old formula and I love using these not only because they smell heavenly but they also make my face so so soft in the morning.

This is my evening skincare for now. Leave me a comment of your favorite skincare products.


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