Monday, 1 July 2013

G-market Haul #9

I'm back with another haul from G-market. I know I haven't even tested out all the products I bought last month, but they had a sale! First up Etude House had a 50% off all nail polish items, and since they were so cheap I couldn't help myself. But then I ended up placing another order and combining them. Let dig in!

The box was packed to the brim this time. Don't you just hate it when they use a really big box which just adds to the shipping weight!
The IOPE Bio Essence has been on my need want list for a really long time. So since this order consisted of mostly cheap items I finally added it to my cart. I was really shocked that it did not come it's box, but the seller did add the pamphlet and bubble wrapped the bottle. I also got a box of cotton pads and two Beauty Friends sheet masks. 
This is what I love about shopping at G-market, your items are properly packaged. *wink* take a hint OzSale. This is how nail polish should be sent to the buyer. 
This is a new brand for me and I haven't seen many reviews about them. The brand is called Modi and they have a huge range of colours and they are as cheap as chips. I actually bought 16 but one was out of stock. No samples from this seller :`(
Another 'new' brand to me is Espoir and they had a buy one get one free on their Water Splash Sun Cream. Since I'm a sun cream addict I just had to have it. I have to point out that they were really slow with sending the product over. Also no samples or gifts, but then I only spent less than $15.
From Banila Co. I had to try the hottest trend since BB creams, CC creams are the biggest thing right now. Very generous with the samples. 
And the order that started it all, Etude House. I bought another CC cream and from the new Bling in the Sun collection I got the BB sun cream, I think it's a tinted sun cream. For a girl who wasn't so into nail care/ nail polish I sure have been buying a lot of nail polish lately. I bought a total of 20 nail polish/treatment products.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, Etude House have started selling water! But it's not any plain water it's collagen water. OMG just look at it, is it not the cutest water bottle ever?? Plus it was on a buy one get one offer. I have already tired it and it flavored with peach and it slightly sweet but nothing too sickly sweet. I sure won't be trowing the bottles out.
I also got two deluxe skin care sample gift sets. I have never received a gift from Etude House and that's because I only buy from them when they have a sale ;)
And to end this post a photo of how much bubble wrap was used just in this order!

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  1. Looks like you got some good stuff, you should definitely do a review of the collagen water. I did a review on the etude house malgem skin care kit you got on my blog, and the product is fantastic^.^

    Townhouse Palette

    1. Hi Laila,

      I'm planning reviewing the collagen water real soon ;)