Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Saem Gem Miracle Diamond Cutting V 10C Lifting Serum

The Saem is a new Korean brand for me, I have only heard about it a year ago. They were having a massive sale on their G-market site and I bought a few items. The brand first appeared in the market in 2010, so it's not very old. But they already have a huge following, especially for this product the Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask. Which I have and will review soon. 
The Saem's Gem Miracle Diamond Cutting V 10C Lifting Serum contains 15ppm diamond powder to restore lost elasticity and smooth skin. 

Besides the brand and the name of the product there was no English on the box and no pamphlet was included either. So from what I know the Koreans are crazy about the V shape, what is the V shape I hear you ask? This serum is targeted for the chin/jaw area and it's meant to give you a more defined V-line looking chin/jaw.

I think what drew me to the product was the packing, the top had a diamond look, plastic gem. Also it looks so luxurious, it has sliver coloured little 'balls' suspended in clear gel. The 'balls' burst once you pump the product out. It comes in a 40ml plastic pump, which is really hygienic.
I have never really paid any attention to that part of my face and to be honest I didn't even know there was special products just to help us achieve that V-line shape. The more you get into skin care and beauty the more you get to know.

So did it work? I don't know I have been using it for the past three and half months and I really haven't noticed any difference at all. I use two pumps on my face twice a day and I didn't see anything. I'm really glad that I purchased this during a sale because it costs $18 and that is not cheap, will for me any way.

Recommend? No, not worth it at all.

Repurchase? No. 


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