Monday, 3 December 2012

SooRyeHan Boyun Extra Moisturizing Toner-REVIEW

SooRyeHan is modern science's reproduction of seosiogyongsan.
SooRyeHan was created by introducing ogyonseosisan (a standard of Korean medicine),a secret formula from Dongeuibogam used by Xishi,to the skin science of oriental medicine.

Xishi is considered the most beautiful among the four major of China, and the secret of her beauty was ogyongseosisan. Described in Dongeuibogam, Ogyongseosisan is a secret formula that gives the face a fair appearance. It consists of 14 oriental medicine substance and was named to convey that it "makes the face appear fair like jade". According to Dongeuibogam, ogyongseosisan helps control skin problems and is effective at preventing liver spots, blemishes and signs of aging.

SooRyeHan is aimed at younger women aged 25-35, their main focus is oriental Chinese and Korean medicine. It aims to works gently on the skin to moisturize and nourish it and to help give it a clear and healthy appearance.      

Today I will be reviewing the SooRyeHan Boyun Extra Moisturizing Toner, which came as part of a set with a matching emulsion, eye cream and smaller (80mL) sized toner and emulsion. 

SooRyeHan Boyun Extra Moisturizing Toner
Amount: 140mL
Made in: Korea
Price: $56.60 (As part of a set)
Purchase: G-Market,
Product Info: An oriental medicine-based toner that allows focused 
moisturization of the  skin that is dry due to a poor yin-yang balance. 
It helps skin appear moisturized and lustrous.
 Product Instruction: After washing the face, take an adequate amount and apply gently to the skin following the skin's texture and dab lightly to enhance absorption.
I should start by telling you that I have dry skin, but I don't want some that feels like it moisturizing my face but looks greasy. Especially during summer while my skin is still dry it just makes it harder because I live in Australia and the weather can be really extreme so I want something that is moisturizing enough but does not make me look oily. Does that make sense. Anyway, I started using the SooRyeHan Boyun Extra Moisturizing set that I bought of G-market a while ago. I strated using it at the end of winter and continued using it throughout spring. 

The toner comes in a gorgeous glass bottle, very mature and oriental looking. I'm sure it will look great on any vanity table. You really must hand it down to the Korean's they really pay attention to detail I mean everything from the detail on the bottle cap to the samples that come in the gift box which have the same design on the caps really pretty.

The toner in slightly thicker than water but sinks in really nicely without leaving stickiness on the skin. It give my face that boing boing effect that you see in most skincare TV ads. For a toner it is quite moisturizing and it last all day long. I have been using it every night and morning for the past two and half months because you only need a small amount.

I have been using it with my Hada Crie in the Micro-pat mode and I really love what these two products have been doing to my skin. I would recommend it for those with dry skin types. I still have the smaller sized versions of this toner and emulsion but I won't be using them just yet, not because I don't love the line but because I have so many other brands that I want to try out. 




  1. Can i know how much is the whole skincare set?
    I am thinking about buying it.

    1. Hello,

      The exact set that I brought is out of stock but here is a link to one that has almost the same products