Monday, 24 December 2012

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Night Brightening Serum - REVIEW

It's no secret that I completely adore the Naruko skincare line. I have tired almost all of the lines and I just love them. Today I will be talking about the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Night Brightening Serum, which I got as part of a set. When this first came out I remember the Naruko Taiwanese website was promoting this serum with the Fundamental serum, which they have now discontinued. Now don't quote me on this but, I was looking through the Taiwanese site to find the price of this serum and I just could not find it. I really hope that they have not discontinued this as well because I really love the results.
Amount: 30mL

Made in: Taiwan

Price: Not Sure

Product Info:
This serum contains a unique skin brightener that provides advanced anti-aging ingredients which repair, restore and firm the complexion while
you sleep. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin awakens with more radiance, glowing and youthfulness.  
 Product Instruction After toner and emulsion squeeze out 1-2 pumps and spread it evenly around the face. Use your fingertips to massage it thoroughly.  
I have been using this with the fundamental serum as part of my nightly routine and I have really seen some brightening effects. I wake up to a really nice glow and the whole day my face would have that nice bright look to it. I have even tested out by not using it at night to see if the brightening effect was really a result of this serum, and yes it really is because of it. 

The first time I used this serum, I just kept on thinking that Naruko must have made a typo because this is by no means a serum it is very white in colour unlike other serums and its very thick compared to other serums which are typically very watery. However surprisingly it skins in very nicely with minimally residue. This serum, like the rest of the Narcissus line has very relaxing and claming fragrance, which is just perfect for the night time. 

I do have one bad thing to say about this product and that is the packing choice and while I do adore the purple glass bottle. I think that it is just the wrong choice because of the texture it makes it very hard to get the last bits out, and I don't mean just a bit left but enough for a few nights use. So it would be very wasteful if I did not try to get it out. I usually ave to bang the bottle on the palm of my hand to get the product out, which believe me is very painful. If Naruko do bring this back I hope they would consider a tube packing for this serum.  


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