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SooRyeHan Red Ginseng Juice Essence- REVIEW

SooRyeHan is modern science's reproduction of seosiogyongsan.
SooRyeHan was created by introducing ogyonseosisan (a standard of Korean medicine),a secret formula from Dongeuibogam used by Xishi,to the skin science of oriental medicine.

Xishi is considered the most beautiful among the four major of China, and the secret of her beauty was ogyongseosisan. Described in Dongeuibogam, Ogyongseosisan is a secret formula that gives the face a fair appearance. It consists of 14 oriental medicine substance and was named to convey that it "makes the face appear fair like jade". According to Dongeuibogam, ogyongseosisan helps control skin problems and is effective at preventing liver spots, blemishes and signs of aging.

SooRyeHan is aimed at women aged 25-35, their main focus is oriental Chinese and Korean medicine. It aims to works gently on the skin to moisturize and nourish it and to help give it a clear and healthy appearance.      
SooRyeHan Red Ginseng Juice Essence

 Amount: 40mL
Made in: Korea
Price: $56.60 (As part of a set)
Purchase: G-Market,
Product Info:
An oriental medicine-based enriched essence whose nourishing
pure gold and royal jelly ingredients,  along with seosiogyongdan and
gukhwaeum borrowed from reigning beauties make-up regimens, interact for the
balanced delivery of the efficacy of oriental medicine to the skin. It stimulates and
firms the skin to restore a vitalized and healthy look.
 Product Instruction: After using a toner, take an adequate amount and apply to both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin in that order. Then, allow it to be absorbed lightly into the skin by placing the palms over the face.

This serum/essence came as part of a set that I bought from G-market. I have been using this for the past two months and now that I have finished the product I thought I should review it for you guys. I was a bit surprised that there weren't many reviews about SooRyeHan products. Anyway, let me start by stating that I have been really impressed by SooRyeHan products, I just love everything about them from the texture of the product to the attention for detail. This essence came in a plastic bottle, when I first saw it I really thought it was glass. The detail on the cap is just so impressive and they even paid attention to the detail of the sample sized bottles that came with the whole set. This product will definitely look fancy on any dresser. 

Just to be clear the word 'essence' is just the same as serum. So this serum/essence is gel based but when blended it becomes watery. It absorbs nicely into the skin without the leaving any sticky residue that most serums do. This product claims to give a healthy look to the skin, and by 'healthy look' I'm guessing a nice glow to the face. I have noticed that when I use this I do look like have have healthy skin and a nice healthy glow.But I cannot say anything about the firming claim as I don't have any fine lines on my face, besides a few on my eye area.

I should point out that this essence has a really strong ginseng scent, and I mean really strong. When I first started using it I was so put off and just hated the smell. One time I put this on in the morning and left for university and came back at the end of the day (about 6 hours later) and the whole room smelt like ginseng. So if you do not like fragranced products then I wouldn't recommend you try it product out. Personally, I have came to enjoy this unique scent especially when it use it after my SooRyeHan Boyun Extra Moisturizing Toner, which has a nice soft floral scent. The mixture of scents those two products make in my hand is something that I enjoyed.

Given that this is a gel based serum I would recommend it for all skin types because of it's light texture. While I do suffer from dry skin, I have been using this during spring and I have enjoyed the lightness of it on my skin. I think this would be a great morning time serum because of it's texture.

Recommend? Yes, do try it out if you have oily skin, because I know that not a lot of serums have a light gel texture.

Repurchase? No, just because I have a tonne of other serums to try out.   


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