Monday, 24 December 2012

SooRyeHan Hyo Biyeon Eye Cream- REVIEW

Today I will be reviewing the eye cream that came with the SooRyeHan skincare set that I brought from G-market. The set came with a toner, emulsion, ginseng essence and cream. I have used this set for the past three months and now that they are close to finishing I thought I should let you know how I felt about them.
If you haven't read my previous reviews on the SooRyeHan toner and emulsion I really suggest you do so, because I have the full information on the SooRyeHan line. So basically, SooRyeHan is based on Oriental medicine and based on the reigning beauty of Xishi, who is considered to be one of the most be beautiful women of ancient China. So let's dig into the review. 

Amount: 30mL
Made in: Korea
Price: $45.56 (Part of a set)
Purchase: G-market
Product Info: An oriental medicine-based eye cream whose seosiogyongdan 
 ingredients enhance skin's absorption to plump loose skin around the eyes and help brighten dark circles  around the eyes. Gentle seosiogyondan ingredients comfort the eye area and protect dry 
and sensitive skin around the skin.
 Product Instruction: After using an emulsion, apply carefully to the areas around the eyes and lips and allow it to be absorbed.
I was a little put off this eye cream when I first tired it, I don't usually don't a little fragrance in my skincare but this eye cream, as the the information suggests it smells very herbal. I find it to linger on and especially when I apply it around the my lips. But I was running out on eye creams so I didn't want to be wasteful and just continue using it. The extra is just lovely not thick like a paste and not watery, but just enough to hold it's form and once blended in it absorbs really fast.
This eye cream claims to help with fine lines and reduce dark circles. I do have a few fine lines around my eyes, but I don't have dark circles. I mean if I was doing an essay for university and was up all night then yes I get puffy, dark circles around my eyes but if I then the next if I sleep early and get a good night's rest, then I wake up with them gone. So, what I trying to say is that when I look for an eye cream I don't specifically look for targeted dark circles eye creams.

While I do like the texture and how it nicely absorbs, this eye cream does not cut it for my eye area. I like my creams to be more moisturizing especially during the night. But this one wasn't even moisturizing during the day time and would make my eye area to be really dry and uncomfortable during the middle of the day. This was the only item that I did not like out of the whole SooRyeHan set. Very sad indeed. After using it for a few times I just brought a new eye cream and used this on my lip area.

Recommend? No, as far as I know even people with oily skin need an eye cream that is moisturizing. Because the skin around the eyes is very thin and does not produce its own oil. So I can;t even recommend this to any one.  

Repurchase? No.



  1. Hm, I got this one as a gift too and I like it. I do have very oily skin, and it does work for me fine. It even soakes in which is very unusual. MANY creams even serums just sit on top of my skin forever.
    Even the LG Whoo Seol is not working well for me.
    I just recently started using many Sooryehan products, spent hundreds of dollars on them and they seem to work well for my skin type. Some, I have to use tiny bit, some, like the Jawoo cream, which it is actually first cream that won't make me greesy, just soaks inand feels dewey.
    I found Korean website store and they are very accomodating. I don't speak Korean but they always help me. Prices are great, sets generous and shipping is as everywhere else, it depends on weight.
    I stumbled here by searching for Biyeon info.

    1. I'm really glad you liked it, as you may already know skincare is very personal and what I may not like other might. I would love to know the name of Korean website that you use.

    2. HI! is the one I bought several sets from. I bought from them on ebay and found out about the website there.
      Now I just contact them through ebay messaging and give them item number and request total. They send me invoice through PayPal.
      It is actually cheaper and faster getting stuff from the website compare the ebay.
      They are very helpfull and friendly.
      I don't speak Korean and so I do lots of time looking around by clicking on things.Actually, I am Czech.
      I am waiting for 3 sets now. It is very exiting! Packages are generous. I gave many things away to my friends and to my boss.
      I am 52 and found out that for me, age related cosmetics don't matter. Maybe b/c I have oily skin.
      It is trial and error. It is fun but it was costly too untill now, I finally found out what works for me and I am stocking up!
      If you need any more info, just ask!