Monday, 10 December 2012

SooRyeHan Boyun Extra Moisturizing Emulsion- REVIEW

SooRyeHan is modern science's reproduction of seosiogyongsan.
SooRyeHan was created by introducing ogyonseosisan (a standard of Korean medicine),a secret formula from Dongeuibogam used by Xishi,to the skin science of oriental medicine.

Xishi is considered the most beautiful among the four major of China, and the secret of her beauty was ogyongseosisan. Described in Dongeuibogam, Ogyongseosisan is a secret formula that gives the face a fair appearance. It consists of 14 oriental medicine substance and was named to convey that it "makes the face appear fair like jade". According to Dongeuibogam, ogyongseosisan helps control skin problems and is effective at preventing liver spots, blemishes and signs of aging.

SooRyeHan is aimed at younger women aged 25-35, their main focus is oriental Chinese and Korean medicine. It aims to works gently on the skin to moisturize and nourish it and to help give it a clear and healthy appearance.      

Today I will be reviewing the SooRyeHan Boyun Extra Moisturizing Emulsion, which came as part of a set with a matching emulsion, eye cream and smaller (80mL) sized toner and emulsion.     

SooRyeHan Boyun Extra Moisturizing Emulsion
Amount: 130mL
Made in: Korea
Price: $56.60 (As part of a set)
Purchase: G-Market,
Product Info:
An oriental medicine-based emulsion that moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated all day long without tightness. Moisturizing ingredients effectively offer a fair complexion. The emulsion spreads out as if being dissolved softly into the skin and controls the overall yin-yang balance of a rosy face.
 Product Instruction After using an essence, apply following the skin's texture and press lightly with the palm to enhance absorption. Then lightly press pressure points with the fingers.
SooRyeHan whole aim in skin care is to balance the yin and yang elements of the skin. This emulsion promises to keep the face hydrated and well moisturized all day long. It's comes in a gorgeous heavy glass bottle. While it's nice to look at it's not very functional, because the like most Asian 'emulsions' this emulsion was quite thick in consistency. I was a battle every morning and night to get the products out of the bottle. I mean why did they not just add a pump it would make life so much easier. 
This is so thick I first thought it must be the actual cream, but just housed in a bottle. I have used so much creams that come is the same consistency, so while I do have dry skin I thought just using this alone would provide enough moisture for my face. However, once you start spreading it onto your face it melts right away and you are left with the most softest skin ever. While it is thick and very moisturizing on it's own I do have dry skin, therefore I do follow it with a thicker cream. This is the part were I came to love this emulsion, it allowed my creams to be absorbed without making my face look greasy and yucky. I can see this providing enough moisture for those with normal skin in the spring/summer time.   

This has a light floral scent which is so faint unlike the toner. But if you like your skincare products to be unscented then I wouldn't recommend this line for you. I personally like it and I like the mixture that the ginseng essence and this emulsion make when I use one after the other. 

Recommend? Yes, especially to those with dry skin. If you have normal skin during the spring/summer time then this would be a great 'light' moistuerizer for you. 

Repurchase? No, not because I don't like it but because I have another smaller sized (80mL) bottles of the toner and emulsion to use. Also I have a few other items that I should start using.


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