Sunday, 17 March 2013

REVIEW - Naruko Narcissus Defense UV Lotion SPF 35

It is no secret that I love Naruko, I have tired so many of their products and I have enjoyed them all. A while ago they had a Narcissus set on special and it had loads of products in it, and one of them was the Narcissus Defense UV Lotion SPF 35.

Amount: 30mL
Made in: Taiwan
Price: $11.20 - $14.60
 Product InfoYour all in one daily sunscreen that not only hydrates but also helps protect skin from damaging rays of sun.
 Product Instruction: After your daily skin care routine, use a dime-sized amount
and spread it evenly on the face.
While I usually never use any sunscreen with an SPF less than 40, I don't like wasting money on unused products either. So I only every use it on very cloudy and rainy days. I find it odd that for an Asian brand they released a sunscreen with a low SPF, considering that most Asian sunscreens have a very high SPF. Naruko also has a SPF 50 with BB cream to help even out the skin.

Naruko products are very eco-friendly and contain no parabens, preservatives, artificial ingredients or colouring. They are also cruelty free and do not test on animals. In saying that you do have to use them within six months. Which I think I can do since it's autumn right now and so the sun won't be as strong as summer was this year.
It's a white coloured cream, that is not too thick or runny in texture. It spreads evenly and absorbs right into the face without leaving any residue or white cast. If you have used any products from the Naruko Narcissus line then you will notice that is has the same scent. It's very natural and does not linger at all. Packing is you typical squeeze tube which I don't mind because it's travel friendly and you can just throw it in your makeup bag and it won't take up too much space. 

It does feel moisturizing but not so much that is makes you look greasy and shiny. I did not have any issues with this sunscreen in terms of breaking me out or making my BB cream/foundation slipping off during the day. 

Recommend? Yes, if you don't mind using a very high SPF then this is a really great product to try out.

Repurchase? No, because I want a higher SPF, but I would like to try the SPF 50 from Naruko.


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