Saturday, 16 March 2013

REVIEW - L'oreal UV Perfect SPF 50 PA+++

Sunscreen is a major part of my daily routine and I'm constantly trying out different ones all the time. I prefer using Asian sunscreens instead of the sunscreens sold in Australia. This is because overtime I have noticed that Asian sunscreens were much more lighter in application and don't make me as oily as Australian brands.

Anyway, today I will be reviewing the Asia exclusive L'oreal UV Perfect SPF 50 PA+++. The L'oreal UV Perfect is tailor made for Asian skin, with patented Mexoryl SX and XL that provide optimal UVB and reinforced UVA protection.   
 Amount: 30mL
Made in: Indonesia
Price: $19.20
 Product Info: Enriched with powerful anti-oxidant complex for an
 inside/outside protection against brown spots, skin darkening and premature aging.
 Product Instruction: Apply at the end of your skincare routine 
this can also be used as a make up base.
This comes in three variants to help with redness, anti-dullness and transparent, I chose the transparent one because the site I brought this from were sold out in the anti-dullness one. I'll start with the packing and get it out of the way, it comes in a handy sleek plastic tube. Simple plus practical and very travel friendly.  
Unlike most Asian, in particular Japanese, sunscreens you do not need to shake this before application. The texture is not too thick or too runny, it is very nice to apply and you are not left with a layer of grease of you face. 
This does create a good base to apply your BB cream or foundation. It's feels very velvety smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin. It does not feel a white cast with is always a good thing. This is quite a pricey sunscreen but I do think that it is worth the price. Also if you keep an eye out on you can get it a bit cheaper.

Recommend? Yes, if you enjoy using Asian sunscreens then this should be on your list to try out.

Repurchase? Yes, but not any time soon as I have some unused brands to try out.


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