Thursday, 14 March 2013

REVIEW - Chosungah Luna Blending Foundation

Chosungha Luna is a Korean makeup brand and you would most likely not have heard of it if you live outside of Korea. The brand has a few different collections but the brand is very unknown because they don't even have a website. But if you know me, then you would know that if a product is not available locally then I strive even harder to obtain it. That's what I did, I don't understand Korean but I searched so much on G-market until I found what I wanted.

Petit Peach collection by Chosungah Luna came out in 2010 I believe but you can still find it on G-market. I brought this set about one and half year ago, but have not used it till now. I have been using the Blending Foundation and have been loving it so much I thought I should review it for you guys.

The foundation is available in just two shades, which is very typical of Korean BB creams and foundations. I brought the shade 21 on a hunch and it matches my skin very well.
 Look how pretty it looks, maybe that's why it took me a while to dig into it. I think the lighter colour is a moisturizer that is blended into the foundation. It looks very solid in the container but when you touch it melts in your hand. Once in comes in touch with your skin is becomes very watery not oily so it is more suited for summer time.

Coverage is very is light and this is the kind of foundation you would wear if you want just a light refreshing look. Which is why I love it so much, it gives me a my skin but better look. It also brightens up my face, making me look like I have a glow from within. It comes with black sponge but I don't like to use it that much, so I use it with either the Real Techniques Buffing Brush or the Sigma F80.

Recommend? Yes, while this is a hard brand to buy if you like shopping on G-market then you might like to consider adding this to your cart.

Repurchase? No, not because I don't like it but because I have another one that came with the pack.


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