Thursday, 4 April 2013

REVIEW - Clinique Super City Block SPF 40

As you may already know I religiously apply sunscreen whether it's sunny or rainy, it has just become a habit for me. I have always opted for sunscreens with an SPF that is higher than 40. I'm always trying out new sunscreens, so today I will review Clinique's Super City Block SPF 40.
Amount: 40mL
Made in: Belgium 
Price: $21.00 - $36.00
 Product Info: Enriched with antioxidants for added protection from environmental 
aggressions. Sheer and weightless formula that absorbs quickly. 
 Product InstructionApply right before makeup as an invisible primer or alone. 
Packing is a simple yet travel friendly, squeeze tube. Nothing too fancy which is fine with me. When it comes to sunscreen I really don't care for packing.
It looks very thick in terms of texture but once you spread it out it is actually very light. It is skin coloured and does not leave you with a white cast. You will need to be quick when applying this as it does dry out and ball up when left un-spread on the face. 

It has a 'no fragrance' scent which is OK because it does not linger. This sunscreen does provide a good base for you to apply BB cream or foundation. I also found that it seems to brighten and even out my complexion.

Clinique claims that it is gentle enough for all skin types and safe to use around the eye area. I have dry skin and I did not find this to be drying at all. However, I have just used this during the summer so I will try to update on how it feels like during winter, when my face gets even more dry.

Recommend? Yes, I do think this is a good all round sunscreen. It is an oil-free formula so people with oily skin can use it safely.

Repurchase? Yes, but not any time soon.



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