Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekly Masks Review

I have an addiction to face masks, especially sheet masks because they are just so easy to use and most of them don't need to be rinsed off, which is a bonus for me. I try and use a mask 3-4 times a week but when I have university and I'm busy as hell I just don't have the time to do them. So since I'm on holiday now I have the time to pamper my skin everyday and for the past week I have been using one overnight. Some people recommend using them 2-3 a week, while others say that you can use them everyday. I personally have never used them everyday, so this was my first time and so far my skin has not broke out (knock on wood), actually my skin has never looked so radiant and healthy looking. SO lets Take a look at what masks I have been using.

My Beauty Dairy- Bird's Nest Mask
Sunday 18/11/2012
Amount: 23mL
Fit: Very nice, I just had to make small cuts around the eyes.
Sheet: Very thin, and very easily breaks.
Serum: Very watery, with penalty left over in the pack.
Scent: I couldn't smell anything.
Plastic Insert: Yes
Results: Moisturizes, brightened 
My Beauty Dairy- Orange Blossom Mask
Monday 19/11/2012
Amount: 23mL
Fit: Nice, but kinda covers my upper lip and I had to make two extra cuts near the eyes.
Sheet: A little thicker than the mask above.
Serum: Watery and quite a lot left over.
Scent: Strong orange blossom, but fade very quick
Plastic Insert: Yes
Results: Moisturizing, but no brightening effect
Love More- Japan Firming and Whitening Mask
Tuesday 20/11/2012
Amount: 25mL
Fit: Very nice
Sheet: Very thick, with embossing but does not stick to the face. Use while laying down.
Serum: Thick, with not much left in the package.
Scent: Just like children's cough medicine.
Plastic Insert: No.
Results: Mask dried out within 10 minutes, but moisturized and brightened.
Naruko Raw Job's Tears- Super-critical CO2 Whitening Mask
Wednesday 21/11/2012
Fit: Nice but covers my upper lip too much.
Sheet: Very thin and even broke apart with I was adjusting it.
Serum: Watery, sheet was not very saturated.
Scent: Very faint but I don't what it is.
Plastic Insert: Yes
Results: Very moisturizing but did not deliver any whitening effect.
Beauty Friends- Potato Mas
Thursday 23/11/2012
Amount: 23mL
Fit: Very nice.
Sheet: Nice, sticks to the face very nicely. 
Serum: Very watery.
Scent: Just like potatoes and lasts for the whole 30 minutes.
Plastic Insert: No.
Results: Nothing really special, just enough moisturizing effect. Great as an everyday mask.
My Beauty Dairy- Black Pearl Mask
Friday 23/11/2012
Amount: 23mL
Fit: Nice, but again covers my upper lip too much.
Sheet: Very thin and broke while I tried to adjust it. Very saturated with serum.
Serum: Very watery, and not much left in the package.
Scent: Nothing.
Plastic Insert: Yes.
Results: Brightens and slight firming effect.
Love More- French Lavender Nighttime Whitening Mask
Saturday 24/11/2012
Amount: 25mL
Fit: Very nice, no extra cuts were needed.
Sheet: Soaked in serum and sticks nicely to the face.
Serum: Watery and plenty left in the package.
Scent: Children's cough medicine
Plastic Insert: No.
Results: Loved the moisturizing and brightening effect and my face was so radiant the next day.
 I enjoyed going this and I get to use up all the masks that I have. Look out for these weekly posts.


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