Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Suisse Programme Cellular Revitalizing Toner. REVIEW

While browsing one day I saw this toner on sale, I have never heard of Suisse Programme and have never seen it in any other shops. But begin the skincare junkie that I am, I just had to try it out.  

What saysSuisse Programme was founded in 1996 by a group of biologists, chemists      and cosmetologists aiming at the creation of a new concept in Swiss made skincare treatment products. Dedicated to provide the best skincare products with the most advanced technology, originated and successfully developed in Switzerland.

This brand is slightly on the more expensive side, but almost all of the products, that sells, have a five star rating. This high rating and the price that this toner was selling for just made me want it even more, and I'm glad that I brought it because right after I completed my payment the toner was 'out of stock'.  

Amount: 200mL
Made in: Switzerland
Price: $20.60 (Sale), RRP $73.50
Product Info: A slightly perfumed tonic lotion which revives the complexion and moisturizes the skin. It eliminates the traces of impurity. The skin becomes more luminous and transparent. Calms the skin irritations and reduces tiredness and slackness. Contains a natural moisturized factor.
 Product Instruction:Using a cotton pad, complete the cleansing process over entire face and neck. Use every time you want to refresh your skin. Apply gently on a thoroughly soaked cotton pad.
The first few times that I used this, I applied it with a cotton pad and just like a normal toner. I didn't like the effect of it so I just didn't reach for it. After about two weeks I was looking for something new to use and saw it again. I decided to not use a cotton pad and just pour some into my hands and gently pat it onto my face. This time, I loved how soft it made my skin feel. I continued to it like that and I just keep on getting more impressed ever time it use it.
This toner is very watery in texture so I was really amazed that it left my skin so well moisturized. You only need a small amount which is why this has lasted me almost 11 months. I use it every day and night as the first toner. However, during winter I like to use a thicker toner after  this one and during summer I just use it alone.    

This toner just like the description has a pleasant scent to it, and while it might seem way too strong when you smell it in the bottle. Once it's applied to the face the scent is very faint and does not linger, I don't mind the scent at all I might even say I that quite like it. I would say this toner delivered what it stated and made my skin well moisturized throughout the day and more brighter looking. 
Repurchase- Most likely.  

Recommend- Yes, I would keep an eye out for this as usually has this and other items from this brand on really good deals.     


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