Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hitachi Hada Crie CM-N810

The CM-N810 model has four different modes and two different "strengths". Each mode lasts for 5 minutes and the device shuts off automatically. I must say this is a really smart tool because if you don't hold it correctly it will stop vibrating and also if it does not sense that it is touching your skin it will also stop.

The Hitachi Hada Crie is Japan's number one best seller facial cleanser and massager. I remember seeing an older model on the internet but if I remember, I think it was for cleansing only. There are other models like the newer one which has a cooling mode. Anyway, I bought this off eBay from a reputable Japanese seller. The shipping was free and it arrived very fast.

The Hada Crie CM-N810 is a light pink in colour and is very light. It also comes with a charger, a stand, a ring (to hold the cotton pad) and an
instructions manual in Japanese and English.
The first thing you must do is charge it for 5 hours, after that you can use the device for approx. 10 times on a single charge. This means that if you are going on a  short trip this would be very handy, no need to take the charger.

The four modes.
While I do really love this device it sure make my night skincare routine much longer, I try to use it as much as I can but you must take that into account that if you were to do this daily it would take you 15 minutes longer. Most of the time I don't do the first step because I use my Clarisonic and that takes off all my make up. I have read that when you first use the cleanse mode the cotton pad actually turns very dirty. I didn't get that even the first time that I used this, which means the Clarisonic is doing a great job. I recommend that you use a watery toner or cleansing water, preferably a toner with an exfoliating effect.
Use the device in the following directions for all modes.
The modes that I use the modes are the Micro-pat mode which I use with a thicker lotion, the Moisturize mode I don't use a cotton pad for this mode and just use it to after in apply my moisturizer and my favorite the Refresh mode use I more than the recommended times per week. I use it with my Naruko night Gelly and sheet masks.

I really to like this device but it's just so time consuming and I must admit that during my uni exams, I was just so exhausted at night that I did not use the Hada Crie for a whole month. I will repeat if you do not have the time to use this device for 15-20 minutes daily then do not buy it.  My overall thought on this device is that it has done wonders for my skin while the results didn't show intensely, I did see a difference with the overall texture of my face. It became much more softer to the touch and had that boing/bouncy effect that you see in TV ads. For me this has been a great investment for my skin.



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  1. I'm really loving my Hada CriE. I use the CM-N810-P like you. It is a bit time consuming but the results are worth it! I use it with the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion and feel like this device really helps it sink into my skin instead of just drying into a film on my face. I use it right before I sleep and in the morning my skin looks actually glowing! It's not a cheap device but definitely more economical than going to the spa every week or so.