Monday, 6 May 2013

REVIEW - Chosungah Luna Up Lighting

The highlighter is one of those products that can make you look amazing and give you a really dewy look. But it can also make you look like a disco ball and very oily. Finding a highlighter that is not loaded with glitter and shimmer is believe it or not very hard. When shopping for makeup I'm very picky with the highlighters that I buy.

Chosungah Luna Up Lighting is a cream highlighter and no chunks of glitter or shimmers in it at all. So how does it make me look so glowing and healthy looking without the shimmer. I don't know, I really don't but I love what it does. The booklet that came with the set, shows where you should apply it and that on the cheekbones, on the nose and right above the eyebrows. You apply it after the foundation and it really does brighten up and lift my face.
 In the photo is looks very scary but in real life it's very subtle. Also because it's a cream formula it is much more easy to apply. But to be honest a highlighter is something that I usually skip in my everyday makeup because I just don't have time. But with this product I do find my self reaching for it a lot more.

Recommend? Yes, this is a really great quality product.

Repurchase? No, because I have another one that I have still not touched yet.


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