Tuesday, 23 October 2012

GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask - Review


Do you like trying out products just because they are raved about by celebrities. I don't really care for it all that much and have since turned to beauty bloggers for their reviews and comments. Which was how I came to know about this product.

Amount: 50mL
Made in: USA
Price: $45.00 (Sale)
Purchase: FeelUnique, BeautyBay
Product Info: A 10-minute anti-aging 'facial in a jar'. Noticeable 3-day glow from 
Skin Collagen Synthesis. Helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles. 
Skin is left brighter, smoother and softer. A mutli-level resurfacing 
exfoliation and evens out skin tone. Helps tighten skin and minimizes pores. 
Absorbs impurities without removing natural oils. Helps protect against 
free-radical damage.
 Product Instruction: Apply a thin layer to clean face. Expect a tingle-tactic tightening 
effect in 10 minutes or less. Remove mask with water in circular 
motions to exfoliate. Use twice a week or as often as desired.

A mask that was designed to be used for the Hollywood industries and loved by many celebrities like Nina Dobrev (never heard of her) and Tommy Lee just to name a few. However, that's not what attracted me to the product. I have seen while shopping at FeelUnique and BeautyBay but never paid enough attention to it because I'm really skeptical about products that claim to be loved by celebrities and the Hollywood world. To me they are just full of lies, a few years ago I brought Egyptian Magic which was raved about by so many celebrities and I just did not like it at all, but that's another story. Maybe I should review it if I can find it in my room again.

I heard about GlamGlow from a beauty blogger and she just loved it and since I trusted her word I decided to try it out. A few weeks ago FeelUnique were having a huge sale on nearly everything on their site and since they offer free shipping I decided to try it out. I think GlamGlow was 30% or 35% off and that made the price a little bit more appealing to me.

I have used it three times since I got it and I think I can give you a review on it. I first used it hoping that it could help brighten my dull face during one very cold winter evening. I cleaned my face and applied a thin layer to my face. The first thing that I liked about it was the fresh green tea scent. It tingled just like they said, but one thing that happened and they did not say anything about was how rock hard the mask becomes when it dries. I mean yes it is a mud mask and supposed to do that, but it dried so hard that it was even trying to speak was impossible. 

Ten-minutes later and the mask was rock hard. I was really hard to speak or move any facial muscles. I wet my hands with warm water and slowly began to exfoliate my face. The product actually contains crushed green leafs that help to exfoliate. The end result I was really disappointed at first that I did not see the brightening effects, but my face felt smoother, and the little blackheads on my nose were nowhere to be seen. About two hours later my mother commented on how brighter my face was so there was a brightening effect, even through I did not see it at first.    

Overall, a great little treat for the face, a great way to create your own at home spa treatment. I did not see any anti-aging benefits but then again I have only used it for three times.

Repurchase?  Probably....if I find it on sale again.


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