Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Gelly and Night Eye Gelly


Yes!!! I'm on a roll I want to review all the whole Rose and Snow Fungus line. And today I will be reviewing two products the Rose and Snow Fungus Night Gelly and the Night Eye Gelly.
I will start with the Rose and Snow Fungus Night Gelly. Naruko describes this hydrating night gelly prevents the moisture loss and repairs the damages during the night time. The unique cocktail of essential oils and Phytoferulin complex comforts the dryness and helps promote a moisture barrier. 

It is recommended for all skin types, especially dry skin with fine lines and rough, enlarged pores.

I use this as the very last step of my daily night routine. The texture is slight milky in colour and is more softer than a normal gel type of product. This product is intended to be used as a sleeping mask, it is not meant to replace your moisturizer. 

I use about a cherry sized amount and spread it over my face and then rub my hands together until they are warm and press them into my face and just close my eyes and breath deeply. Since the products has a fairly strong natural rose scent, this producer kinda acts like a mini aromatherapy.      

This product dose take a few moments to fully absorb into the skin, but once it is absorbed it does not feel sticky whatsoever. 

Next up is the Rose and Snow Fungus Night Eye Gelly. Naruko describes this eye gelly is designed to nourish and hydrate the skin while smoothing away visible signs of aging. It reveals, clamed and moisturized skin.

This product is packed full of ingredients that help to repair the skin around the eye while you sleep. I also use this as the last step to my eye care routine. I use about a pea sized amount and use my ring finger to gently apply and massage the eye area. 

Both products shouldn't be used to replace your cream or eye cream. In the morning you wake up with super soft skin. I have noticed that when I don't use the night gelly my skin is not as soft and when I do use it. 

Both products to claim to help with fine lines but I haven't noticed any firming, but I do LOVE the soft well hydrated feeling I get from these products. 



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