Wednesday, 25 January 2012

G-market Haul #4: Part 1


A few days ago I received my order from G-market. This order is larger than my previous order because some of the items weren't for me. When I signed for the packages the postman told me that there was another box. 
 I was so surprised by how big the boxes were, but they were really light in weight. So I will be splitting the haul into two parts just because there are so many products to go through.
First up my order from The Saem, a few days before placing my order I noticed that The Saem had a massive sale and I really wanted to try out  their Chaga line out. But every time I clicked on the PayPal option in the checkout nothing would happen. So I e-mailed G-market and they replied saying that they have updated their site and they are trying to fix the problem. So in the end I missed out on the items I really wanted to try out and just some of the products were still on sale. This is what I got.

I actually got 2 sets, they were on sale for just about $9.00 US!!!
I got the Ardent Lady Powder, Ardent Lady Base and Tinted Foundation and the Ally's Ajell Jelly Lip Tint
    The Saem gave me that small box of cotton pads and a cute sized 2012 diary.

Next up Etude House had a 30% off their entire store for 3 days only so that was my chance to try out some new items from them.

Etude House are very stingy when it comes to giving out samples so I kinda knew they weren't going to give any samples with their sale. But I personally think that saving money is way better than getting a few samples.

 Next is The Skin House and they were/still having a massive sale. No samples giving out.
  Completely disappointed with the Snail Cream, I usually never open the box and check out the jar if I have a product I'm currently using, but i was so curious of the Snail Creams that I just had to and look at what I found.  

 See the seal in broken and some of the product was leaking out. plus there were finger prints all over it. I did try and contact the seller but I haven't received and e-mails from them. I'm really disappointed.
That's it for part 1.




  1. can you do the swatches over Ally's Ajell Jelly Liptint????