Thursday, 21 November 2013

Priceline Haul

So Priceline had another 40% off cosmetics for two days only, plus I had two discount vouchers so I paid almost nothing for this! Let's dig in.

I managed to go to Priceline on the first day of the sale. The shop was packed and virtually empty, I did a quick browse and still left the store with quite a few items. I wasn't low on any beauty product, I just wanted to use my vouchers and try some new products.
I picked up three Essence Mascaras because I have read some good reviews about them. The Essence brand is cheaper than coffee, and 40% off makes it even better to try out. I really wanted to try out the Bourjois Color Boost lip crayons and I swatched the Fuchsia Libre shade and they seem to be way more hydrating than the Revlon ones. Since I really enjoy using my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, I just had to try out the concealer. From the Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal collection I picked up the Inked in Pink shade.
I also picked up two Essence liquid eyeliners, mainly because they were so cheap.
 Moving onto my latest obsession of the moment, nail polish. Textured nail polish has been all the rage right now and while I haven't jumped on the bandwagon completely. I thought I would give it a try and picked up the Face of Australia nail polish from the Carnivale collection, in Between the Flags, Midnight Fireworks and Masquerade. From the Essence Me & My Ice Cream collection I picked up Ben and Cherries, Ice, Ice Baby and Always in my Mint. I had a $4 off Essie nail polish so I chose Bahama Mama. And lastly I don't know where I read this but someone mentioned this Sally Hansen Pacific Blue as their favorite blue shade of all time so I had to give it a try.

For someone who didn't really 'want' anything from Priceline, I sure picked up quite a few items.

What did you buy??


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