Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Espoir Water Splash Sun Cream

Spring is finally here and while we got some very hot days here in Sydney, it certainly felt like summer. I have an obsession with sun cream, I apply it every signle day. Whether is sun, hail, rain or anything in between and the reason why is because it has become a habit for me. Also because I'm prone to freckles, and while some love freckles, I hate them and I have come to the solution of sun cream. Over the years I have found that applying sun cream prevented any new freckles from forming. Anyway back to today's post, I will be reviewing the Espoir Water Splash Sun Cream 
SPF 50+ PA+++.
 Espoir is a Korean cosmetic brand and I have never tried anything from the brand before. Espoir is more pricey than brands like Etude House, Tony Moly, Holika Holika and the likes, it is targeted towards more mature women. I found this sun cream while 'browsing' G-market, what really attracted me was the deal they had, which was buy one get one free.
The packing is super simple, it comes in a 50ml white tube. It retails for 15 000 won, which is equivalent to about $13-14 AUD. You can shop at the Espoir G-market store, here
 It has a very light cream texture, while it does feel very light it does hold it's shape. It is lightly tinted a pinky yellow colour. It does not feel sticky on the skin and I feel it kinda smooths my skin. I love using BB cream or foundation on top of this because it gives me a slight dewy look.
The awesome thing is when you spread it out, it forms little droplets on your skin. I have never used anything like this before. You do have to spread it further and when you do it has a very cooling effect. It is moisturizing but without making me feel all sticky and yucky. I do think it might be a bit too much moisture for people with oily skin.


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