Thursday, 6 June 2013

G-market Haul #8

Hey long time no G-market haul, I haven't make a G-market haul in almost three months. The reason was that I have been spending my money on more local websites like, which have left me very disappointed. Anyway, I was 'browsing' the site when I noticed that Missha now ship internationally and they were having some great offers too. Etude House also caught me eyes, but they also do with their super cute products, they were having 50% off all their nail polish products. This time I only brought from two sellers, which made delivery very quick.

I really love how fast shipping is at G-market, order was placed on the 30-05-2013 and it arrived on the 06-06-2013. I don't think I have ever received a package faster than this. Keep up the good work G-market!!

Of course the estimated weight was way way over broad, but when I packages arrived at the G-market warehouse the actual weight was a fraction of that and the was turned into G-cash.
While I was adding nail polishes to my cart I noticed that the 50% off coupon was not working because it had expired, like one hour ago. But they also just put up a 30% - 50% off the whole site, I quickly removed all the nail polish items. They had the Princess Etoinette blush and powder for 50% off also, while the blush looked really cute it just wasn't for me.
 Everything was neatly bubble wrapped, even through nothing was breakable. This is what should learn to do with their orders! I must Warn you that I pretty much just brought sheet masks from Etude House. I think I may have a mask addiction. All the items I brought were 30% off.
The Royal Class Gel Masks in platinum, preal and gold. I brpught one of each because these were a little bit more expensive at $3.20 each.

I had always wanted to try out the Rich Collagen hand mask so I brought two and they were $1.75 each. 
 The Fresh Cherry Tint in OR201 and the Surprise Essence Concealer were the only cosmetics hings I purchased this time. The tint was $4.20 and the concealer was $3.50 and I have heard really good reviews about these two items so I'm really looking forward to reviewing them.

I also purchased five packets of the Collagen Eye Patch, because I was running low on eye masks and these cost $0.70 each.
 More masks in Aole, Pomegranate and Royal Jelly I brought two of each and these cost $0.70 each. These are actually on a really good offer right now at ten for $5.00, so go getting before the offer ends.
 From the Vitamin range I brought Vitamin E, A, C and Collagen and they cost $0.70 each.
And lastly from the 3D Princess range I brought Honey and Milk, Lychee, Red Wine and Cherry Blossom. I just noticed that these actually 50% off and so only cost $1.00 each. Now I wish I had brought more because lately I'm really into 3D masks, oh well. I have also noticed that Eude House never add samples when they have a sale!

 I mainly ordered sun creams because they were on a two for the price of one. Don't freak out these are not all for me I have already split them with my mum, sister and sister-in law. The offer on these is still on. 
Missha were also having a 30% off all their gift sets and I brought the Time Revolution, which includes two full sized items. The First Treatment Essence and the Night Repair Ampoule, this cost me $55.00.

That's all folks, sorry for the long post. 


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