Sunday, 15 July 2012

Naruko Lupin Anti-Wrinkle Friming Collection Review


Today will be reviewing the newest skincare line from Naruko, the Lupin Anti-Wrinkle Firming series. 
 I got this collection back when it was first released and only a few items were available. I only got the toning essence, toning emulsion, the serum, the cream, the night gelly and the cleansing gel (which I did not include as I have not used it yet). This series is a really elegantly packaged and also the toning essence and toning emulsion are only 100mL, the night gelly also got a downgrade to 50mL. 

The skincare line is according to Naruko specifically designed for women in their 30s and for those first signs of aging. A little info on the series before I start the reviews. The line is made with the hydrolyzed Lupin protein which is extracted from the winter flower Lupin. Lupins are known for their resilience to high pressure and extremely low temperature. The Lupin anti-aging series formula consists of precious ingredients including multi-peptides, crithmum marithimum extract, soybean seed extract, tuber aestivum extract, colloidal platinum and gold particles. This series helps relax fine wrinkles and replenish the skin with full moisture, leaving it firm and plump.  

The items came with a pamphlet that also has English and other languages, which I find very helpful.

  • Lupin Anti-Wrinkle Firming Toning Essence
This toning essence instantly replenishes the complexion with moisture. After you use it, the skin is left with smoother and softer condition.

Instructions: Pour a quarter size amount onto the cotton pad and pat gently all over the face.
 The toner is a lot thicker than regular toners, I don't use it with a cotton pad because this I feel that its more moisturizing that way, I just pat it with my hands. It has a very light aroma to it, the Naruko US site says that the refreshing and uplifting scent is from orange blossoms and it is very relaxing.  

 As you can see the toner is very clear it was so hard to photograph. It absorbs fast and leaves no sticky feel on the skin. The only con that I have with this is that because it come in a heavy glass bottle it is really hard to get the product out. But overall a really nice toner and does what is claims it leaves my skin feeling very smooth and moisturized.
  • Lupin Anti-Wrinkle Firming Toning Emulsion
This toning emulsion provides hydration and retain moisture. The formula helps delay early skin aging and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Instructions: Pour a quarter size amount onto the cotton pad and pat gently all over the face.
I also don't use it with a cotton pad because it slightly on thicker side, so I just pat and massage 
it until it is absorbed. Just like the toner it is has the same relaxing scent.  
 The emulsion is milky white, but with tiny and I mean really tiny glitter particulars. They don't show up on the face at all. When I pat this into my face it makes look even and gives it a really healthy glow. My only con is that because it was a litter thick in texture it was really hard to pour out of the bottle and I just had to remove the stopper to make it easier to pour out. I cannot comment on the anti-aging claims because I don't have any fine line yet. But I really enjoyed using this emulsion, it did keep my skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Lupin Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum 
This serum is the perfect solution for aging skin. The unique formula effectively moves through skin's surface to smooth wrinkles and strengthens elasticity.  

Instructions: Pump twice onto your hand. Apply over the face and neck. Massage gently until fully absorbed.
I usually use two to three pumps, I really have to mention how much I love the pump on this bottle much better than the pumps on previous Naruko serums. The serum's texture is more like a gel-lotion than a serum. But nevertheless it is very fast absorbing. I also has those super tiny glitter particulars they don't show up but you only see them when you pump the product out. It leaves my skin feeling very smooth, much like a foundation primer. 
I did not notice any anti-aging, but I did like the smooth evened out look and feel it gave to my face.
  • Lupin Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream (For normal and combination skin type)
 This cream is specially formulated to maintain the skin's youthful tone and texture. The potent complex provides superior anti-aging benefits and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Instructions: Use after your usual skincare procedure. With the included spatula, retrieve a penny size amount and apply evenly over the face and neck.
I got this cream before Naruko came out with the Extreme version designed for dry and extra dry skin. Even through this cream is for normal to combination skin type it was still very moisturizing and did a good job at keeping my skin will hydrated during winter.    
 The texture is thick yet fast absorbing and just makes my dull winter skin look and feel great and glowing. Did not notice any anti-aging benefits. The cream come is a typical jar not very hygienic but they did include a spatula.  
  • Lupin Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Gelly
This night gelly deeply hydrates the skin and increases cell turnover rate to promote radiance. It provides relief and helps to slow down the aging process during sleeping. 

Instructions: Use nightly after your usual skincare procedure. With the included spatula, retrieve two pea size amount and apply evenly over the face. Do not need to rinse off and may keep on overnight to maximize effect. 

The texture is a really clear gel with those tiny glitter. This night gelly is very fast absorbing and very light. When I wake up in the morning my skin is just so soft to the touch and it amazingly looks so bright that I just don't want to wash it. Also I find the scent to be so relaxing and so nice.

Naruko has now included more items into the series like the Lupin Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream Extreme, Lupin Eye Cream and Lupin Night Eye Gelly.

This is a great skincare line from Naruko, it is there most expensive line but still on the affordable. I totally recommend this line and I would repurchase this line in the future, but I still have loads of other things to try out.



  1. thanks for your review, i think i am going to buy the night gel ;)


  2. Thank you for the review! I started using the Lupin essence and serum recently. I'm not sure if it's been reformulated, but the packaging is a very nice plum color now. I agree that the essence is very difficult to get out of the bottle! I've used several items from the Narcissus line (love them!), and I included a few of the Magnolia line in my last haul (not used yet). Have you tried the various masks yet? They're wonderful!