Tuesday, 17 July 2012

G-market Haul #6


A few days I made an order from G-market, this time I didn't order much skincare just mostly stationary and origami paper. 

The LIGHTEST package I have ever gotten from G-market, it also didn't cost me a lot of $$$$. So here goes, I should inform you that I have a soft spot for cute stationary. On my way to uni everyday I pass a Morning Glory shop, its a Korean shop filled with super cute pens and other stuff. However, its really expensive. So I went looking on G-market and I was just blown away with all the cuteness and just how affordable everything is. 
 Open the package, and WOW packed to the prim, I'm lucky they didn't make it two boxes.
 Eight smaller packages in total.
I love making origami lucky stars and these are a glow in the dark ones.
 Seller: 포플러스몰
A pack of ten 0.5mm gel pens. 
Another pack of ten 0.38 very colouful and super smooth pens, called the rainbow jell pens.
I got two pack of highlighters, because I finish highlight like crazy. The pack of the right has two tips a normal highlighter tip and a finer tip and they are pastel colours so much lighter in colour.  
The last time I made an other from the LG company they forgot to add some items, so I contacted them and they agreed to send me the missing items when I order from G-market again. So I got the Sooryehan Oriental secret plan suncream 45PA+++. I really don't recommend this seller they just don't include the samples/gifts they advertise. The last time I ordered from them each set was supposed to come with a mini sample bag that they advertised, but they just did not send it. 
I got three very cute jars to fill with origami.
I ordered the most for this seller, just mostly lucky star paper and super small crane paper and some pens and pencils.

Have a great day.


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