Saturday, 2 June 2012

G-market Haul #5


I made a G-market haul a few weeks ago and just got around to posting about it. This haul didn't cost much because I finally used my G-cash money. I won some money from getting top blogger and I also had money stuck in G-account because they would estimate the shipping and then it would be less.

Anyway, let's get started. 

The box was huge, I have made some many orders from G-market. But none came in a box as huge as this. G-market used two boxes and sticky taped them together. Use also adds more weight to the total order.

I only ordered from two sellers!!
First up is this seller LG생활건강 유일코스
They were and still are having some really good deals.

Sorry that I didn't remove the gift packaging because I wanted to give this set to my 
mum for mother's day. She loved it.
Its a Sooryehan set.

This one is for me. This set is from the same seller and it's the Isa Knox.
This set in the hearts packaging is the Isa Knox MX-II Platinum Ultra Moisture line and it contains
a 170mL lotion/toner and a 120mL emulsion and a 20mL version of the lotion and emulsion.

This set is also from Sooryehan and contains almost the same products as the first 
set, but its for a friend.

This is also from Isa Knox but from the Recovery Line, which is targeted 
towards wrinkles and fine lines. My mum wanted to try this line out.
  Seller 4USKIN
 This Lavida line is getting a lot of mentions and rave in Korea right now.
I saw it while reading an older Maire Clarie issue on my iPad. 
I had to search so much on G-market until I found.
This seller has it in a gift pack.
See you later




  1. Wow! Now that's a haul! How cool that you won some G-cash money! I hope you enjoy all of your new gooies!

  2. Congrats on winning Top Blogger! I got "double-boxed" by Gmarket too...Maybe they ran out of big boxes or they just wanted to rip us off on shipping XD Have you tried the Lavida essence yet? I've been really wanting to try this line but can't decide on which product to try first.

    1. I have not tired the Lavida essence yet. I have some Naruko skincare that I have been using, I have this thing where I must finish my skincare before opening something new to try.

      And those G-market boxes are heavy >.< But that's not going to stop me from shopping there.

  3. Wow very awesome g-market hauls. I'm trying to make an order now, but what shipping option are you getting? cost? and how long does it take? It seems so expensive. Like $20 to ship and then another like $10 for each item added.
    Now they also have the global Qoo10 which has cheaper shipping options but not all the products I'm looking for. Are you ordering from the Korean GMarket? Sorry it's all a little confusing.

    1. I'm ordering from the English site. With shipping they first estimate the weight and then if the order is under the weight, G-market refunds you, however if the weight is over then they will e-mail you so that you can pay they extra shipping charge.

      I didn't know that they added a new shipping option, they use EMS so its really fast.