Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Isa Knox: MX-II Platinum Recovery Skin Review


During winter, my skin gets really dry due to the cold weather and heating at home. I'm 
pretty sure that happens to everyone. I decided to open up the  
Isa Knox: MX-II Platinum line that I brought from G-market.The gold line is targeted
 towards older women. A little bit of information from the leaflet that was 
included in the box (don't you just love brands that include English in the leaflets).    

Isa Knox- "Women's skin maintains the Golden age in all functions up to the early 20s. However, since passing this times, symptoms of skin aging that women have experienced are not easily removed by skin care at the level so far of simple oil and moisture supply or maintaining oil and moisture balance." 

The main ingredients are:
 EGF Protein 
Once we reach our 30s our skin starts to rapidly reduce the production of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). MX-II Platinum reinforces EGF Protein to help maintain a healthy skin and help with dry skin caused by aging.  

Ultra-Moisturizing Silk Amino Acids Sericin
Silk Amino Acids are produced by the silk worm, it is composed of ingredients that are the most closest, in terms of structure to the skin cell of humans.

Omega 6
Omega 6 fatty acid helps in reinforcing the skins texture, so that it maintains a healthy and moisturized effect. 
Birch Sap
Is known for having a strong vitality power after period of bitter cold, birch has been called the queen of the forest. Birch Sap contains plenty of ingredients with help with the nutrition and moisture of the skin.  

Pro-Vitamin 5
Helps with antioxidants that protect the skin from oxidation by active oxygen, which is the main culprit of skin aging.
Mineral Pine Tree Sprout Extract
An eco-friendly ingredient with similar structure to the human bodily fluid.  It helps to maintain a moistened skin.

8 Kinds of Essential Amino Acids Complex Prodew400
Prodew400 is a protein complex that is composed of selecting essential amino acids, that help to maintain moisture levels and collagen formation. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Today I will be reviewing the Recover Skin, which is basically a toner. 

Product Info
It is a high function essential skin softener to take health of damaged skin due to aging
 and to help recover weary skin and add anti-aging function, through 
Omega 6 and EGF.

After washing face, take a 500 won coin amount and spread softly along 
with skin texture direction and press the skin to help with absorption.

  It comes in a 100mL glass bottle, and it pretty heavy. Packing wise it is 
elegant and very grown up looking. I really like it because it feels so  much more
expensive than it really is. But at first it was really hard to get the 
product out.
 The product is much more thicker than a normal toner, it feels almost
like an emulsion. However, while is looks and feels thick
it actually absorbs into the skin very quickly and you also 
notice that the skin is insistently moisturized. 

I pour a 50 cent amount of the product and use it with my 
Hitachi Hada Crie (review coming soon).
I have been using this during winter and it helped to keep my skin from look
dry and dead. While I have noticed the moisturzing effect of the product but 
i have not noticed any anti-aging properties and that because I still
don't have any concerns with anti-aging.

Overall it was a great toner to use and I would reccommand for people with
dry skin. I will be reviewing the emulsion soon.




  1. wat do you think of using this on a combination skin? peeling skin but inside is oily n prone to breakout? do u consider this rich or moisturise? using it during summer

    thank you

    1. hi, I wouldn't personally recommend this because it is very rich and even on dry skin it would be too much in summer. Hope that was helpful, cheers :)

  2. I just got this from a friend I was wondering when to use after make up removal or before....or at bedtime