Friday, 3 February 2012

Skin 79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream


I haven't touched this BB cream in a very long time. It was one of the very first BB creams that I brought when I was first trying them out. I was going through my collection today and picked this up again and wore it. I'm in love with it again.
Skin 79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream
A little info on the BB cream
SKIN79 DIAMOND COLLECTION Absolute Total BB Cream SPF37 PA+++ (40 g)
KFDA 3 Function Certification; Wrinkle Improvement / Whitening / UV Interception SPF37 PA+++

The BB Cream SPF37 PA+++ has triple functions of whitening, anti-wrinkles and more intensively protects exposed skin by blocking UV ray A and B by keeping skin beautiful and healthy through offering brilliance of diamond and vitality of just blossomed floral.

Diamond Powder and Blooming Jewel Complex consisting of 5 jewels including Amethyst and Ruby makes skin more radiant and skinning like jewelry with Floral Bouquet Complex extract making skin vital and glossy by keeping skin healthy from harmful environment and sensitive stimulus.

Directions: After using basic products, grab the top of the pump and rotate it clockwise to unlock the pump. Gently push the middle of pump at the top and put proper amount on the entire face, then spread it evenly for absorption.

The packaging is really neat and worthy of been placed on your dresser or vanity. Its very hygienic as it comes in a pump bottle. Another added feature is that the sliver cap actually locks and you need to twist the cap to unlock it, pretty neat no more lost caps anymore. 

Just from the above photo you can see how grey this BB cream really is. I remember how my I hated this BB cream back when I first tried it, it made my face a completely different shade to my neck. However, over time I wanted a very sheer coverage and started to mix a bit of this BB cream with my sunscreen and I absolutely loved the idea.
This BB cream is recommended for oily/combination skin, I have dry skin but since today was so hot and humid I love how it keeps my skin looking smooth and flawless. Unfortunately it only comes in one shade.
Even through I really love this BB cream it doesn't do what it claims I saw no changes in  my skin in terms of whitening or anti-aging, but I really wasn't expecting it or any other make up product that claims to deliver these functions.




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