Sunday, 20 November 2011

G-market Haul #1


I love online shopping, especially from Korea they are so kind and offer loads of samples. I used to do all my skincare and cosmetics shopping from e-bay and i would only select to shop from Korean stores. I'm that obsessed with everything Korean right now...

So i found out about G-market from Lotus Palace blog she shops and recommends G-market so much. At first I was overwhelmed by the massive selections of goodies they offered. So from my understanding G-market id basical like e-bay, and i thing is actually owned by eBay, anyway you just add what you want to buy into the cart and when your done you get a total price with EMS shipping.

After years of just browsing through the site, I finally made an order.

                                 a HUGE box. I love online shopping, it's like a present.
                            All of my orders from different sellers. I was like a kid at Christmas.
                                     Banlia Co. Hydrating primer/with two free samples. $16.35

                                                 Laneige Water Bank Essence $22.25

                                Etude house Nymph Aura Primer $10.90, with two free samples

Holika Hoklia Peach Girl BB cream $9.45 and 3 seconds starter Hyaluronic Acid $7.20

        Beauty Friends sheet masks 50 for $8.99 such a great deal. I got 150 masks for $26.97.

 Cathy Cat Cream Foundation with refill $16.95, with a free sheet mask.

I will be doing reviews for all of these soon.


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